“Success is a muscle you and your team can train.”

I invite you and your employees and guests to experience one of my Impulse-Presentations and Coachings based on the Hollywood-Success-Code®. I am confident that it will be an exciting, entertaining, and very educational excursion into the glamorous world of the stars and unlimited success!     

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1. Motivational and success coaching
2. Executive and management coaching
3. Team-building with the  Hollywood-Success-Code®

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As with my success coachings, I will show you and your coworkers how to effectively apply the methods and techniques of the world’s best actors, combined with coaching principles and the guidelines of Positive Psychology,  to your daily business situations. 


Who can benefit from my workshops and coachings?


The coachings are tailored to individuals, small groups, and teams from a wide range of business sectors. Whether it is an individual or group coaching, we collaborate with the participants to define an individualized guideline for personal and professional success.  Especially during stressful periods, positive thoughts, inner motivation, a fresh vision, and creative solutions help to bring more joy, satisfaction, and serenity to your daily life. 


What is the objective of the coachings and workshops?

My objective is to help you and your team to be even better!  

To be authentic, to have a positive presence, to be happy and successful and to find the proper inner voice in daily life, one must be conscious of the different roles one plays in private and in business life. And in order to find enduring motivation, to present oneself convincingly and to be successful, one must have a clear head. This is why I believe in physical movement, techniques to promote emotional intelligence, humor, laughter yoga, and working in front of the camera!

Especially during teambuilding workshops, it is a true joy to see how participants discover new personality aspects in themselves while they are having fun performing together. This would be impossible to achieve through standard communication training techniques alone. The combination of effective work in front of the camera, performance and team training, is  guaranteed to result in valuable insights, a great deal of fun, and a new team-spirit.    

What makes Christian Schramm’s Workshops and Coaching special? 

My method is distinct from other coaching methods because it is a unique combination of systemic coaching methods and tried-and-true acting techniques, such as Method Acting, Sense Memory, or Emotional Training. I know all these methods from my own acting praxis and have experienced them personally. Therefore, I can vouch for their effectiveness and can teach them to my workshop or coaching participants with confidence and conviction.   

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