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What clients say about the moderator Christian Schramm.

Whether in German or in excellent English, whether at a kick-off event, trade fairs or conferences, Christian Schramm has wowed audiences with his infectious, charming, and powerful personality for more than a quarter century. 

Christian Schramm compels through his utterly positive energy, which enthralls his audience. He is meticulously prepared and has a finely tuned sense of timing, which makes him the perfect moderator for your business event. With over three thousand national and international TV, trade fair, and gala performances under his belt, Christian Schramm has what it takes to guarantee the success of your event. Whether as a motivator, entertainer, in technically demanding product presentations, or at roundtable and professional gala events in front of  international audiences, he offers a broad spectrum of moderating skills. 

His maxim is to strengthen your enterprise and to motivate your employees by creating a creative atmosphere that generates new impulses and synergies. 

The highlight: With his successful Hollywood-Success-Code®, Christian Schramm offers you a top-notch event with positive results for your business, your employees, and your team. If desired, he can offer events, workshops, and coachings in English.    


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