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Explore new paths with the Hollywood-Success-Code®

The Hollywood-Success-Code® is unique, 100% motivating, and offers new strategies and a guideline for your personal and professional success. 

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Christian Schramm, the renowned international keynote speaker, is known for his rousing presentations that deliver lasting impulses to get up, to begin something new, and to act. 

His motto is: “Success is a muscle you can train!”  

After studying acting in Germany and Italy as well as international trainings in Los Angeles with the most prominent acting coaches, such as M.K. Lewis, Sam Christiansen and Bernie Hiller (who discovered and worked with Cameron Diaz, George Clooney, and Kate Hudson), he developed the Hollywood-Success-Code®, which combines the methods of Hollywood actors with those of systemic coaching. 

Christian Schramm uses the strategies of Hollywood actors to motivate participants in his impulse presentations and sustainable success coachings of senior executives, employees, and teams. He offers a guideline for personal and business success and develops interactive, individually tailored presentations and workshops for his clients. Apply the art of acting to convince and compel in everyday business contexts! Through exciting and entertaining examples from Hollywood’s “dream factory,” Christian Schramm shows you the principles, methods, and techniques Hollywood stars use to enthrall us with their performance and presence. Even though we may not be Hollywood Stars, we have a lot more in common with the stars than one might think. We all play multiple rolls every day in our careers and private lives, and we are subject to similar laws on the stages of our personal and professional lives. 

You, too, will benefit from the methods and techniques of the best actors! Apply the secrets of success of Hollywood greats like George Clooney, Angelina Jolie, or Brad Pitt! For over 25 years, trained actor and certified coach Christian Schramm, has played major roles in numerous screen, television, comedy, and theater productions. He will motivate you to explore new, previously unknown paths. 

“Convince others and be a success!” This motto holds true not only in show business but also in your business! Yet you must believe in yourself in order to convince others! 

Be your own film director, and, in collaboration with your coworkers/co-actors, you, too, can realize your business idea!

Promote commitment and engagement in your coworkers! 

Bring new impulses, innovative ideas, and creative solutions to your business and improve the work climate and the motivation of your coworkers! 

Apply the success strategies of the Hollywood greats to your work process and experience the thrill and dynamicism of the Hollywood-Success-Code®!    

Christian Schramm teaches his audience the basics of the art of acting as well as everything else required for an effective performance. 


Christian Schramm shows participants in sales and service, product representatives, senior managers, but also young professionals how to apply the success techniques of Hollywood for their own success and the success of their companies. 

Using the strategies of actors, practical tips, and tried-and-true coaching methods, he actively involves participants in the process and motivates the business, managers, coworkers, and teams in a sustained manner. He practices the “winner’s smile” with them and concludes every performance with individually tailored responses to participants’ special concerns. 

Christian Schramm not only ensures the success of every participant, he also ensures that everyone has fun, applause and a Happy-End – guaranteed! 

Read here what satisfied clients are saying about Christian Schramm as a speaker. 


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